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"another room" is a space where designers have the opportunity to talk about the meaning of housing and the experience by the owner who has experience with this design. 

Championing authentic design through digital publication, video content, and social media channels, our mission is to showcase and support design.

"another room" draws on a wide range of mediums to explore narratives around design, from how it is created to how it is used.


Video offers an unparalleled ability to explore spaces' immersive, experiential qualities and hear architects, designers, makers, and suppliers speak about their work in their own words.


Digital, social media, and e-mail, meanwhile, are instantaneous platforms. Able to be constantly updated with the latest news, they offer a valued immediacy.


Video, digital and social media all have unique storytelling potential, and we're inspired by the power of these different mediums to communicate the most significant ideas.

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